Landscaping Adventure

May 14, 2024 3 By Karlee Michael

As a new homeowner my life has been full of adventures as I learn new things and take on new projects. Now that it is getting warmer outside we have decided to tackle landscaping our backyard. This is something that I have never done before and do not have much experience with. The only experience I have with yard work is planting a small garden in pots and racking the leaves. 

So far we have started our backyard journey by making our screen room an enjoyable place for us and our cats to hang out in. (I’m actually writing this post from the screen room) For our screen room we bought a furniture set, fire table and rug. We have spent many evenings out here relaxing to end our day.

The only thing is we have this beautiful screen room that looks out onto a backyard that is a mess. We started working on our backyard about 2 weeks ago, during that time we have removed many piles of leaves, trimmed up our shrubs, removed and piled many cement blocks. We also removed an old shed behind our garage that was falling apart. The photos below are what our backyard looks like at this moment as we start this landscaping adventure. It is very uneven, the grass is very patchy and I have no where to start a flower garden. 


This week I am planning to do research and create a design of what we like our backyard to look like. This week I am hoping to get some ideas of what would be good to do with our backyard knowing that we do want kids in the future and want it to be family friendly.  So far we know that we would like a pad at the side of our deck for a hot tub eventually, we know that won’t be for like 5 years but we would rather plan for it instead of having to rip up grass or something else we put in that area. We also know that we do need to level it out and have it drain properly, I will be doing research to find out what type of dirt we need and how much as I have no idea. 

I am excited to start this journey and to take you along with me as I learn throughout this backyard landscaping project.