Technology & Me

May 14, 2024 2 By Karlee Michael

a realistic world leaded by social media, call center and crmI couldn’t imagine my life without technology, the power goes out and I panic and have no idea what to do without it. I would say that I am addicted to my phone and especially TikTok and do a lot of doom scrolling. Sometimes I feel like my phone takes away from other experiences in my life that I could be having and instead I’m sitting on the couch doom scrolling on TikTok or Facebook. If I am busy and have things going on, those are the days where it’s bedtime and my phone is not at 10%, those days I also realize that my mental health is better and overall I just feel better. I also don’t feel like I have been missing out on anything when I haven’t been spending all day on my phone. 

Top view of a woman using a laptop

As I prepare for this summer of becoming a summer camp director I have realized I have spent many hours on my laptop but it is mainly all work and I don’t feel I get as distracted when I’m using my laptop as using my phone. I have trained myself to know that the laptop is for school and camp work and when I am on there I am being productive and am not doom scrolling. I rarely go on any social media on my laptop unless I am using it for the work I am doing, like updating camps social media. I just wish I could get to the same point with my phone and not waste time away on it.

Kyiv, Ukraine - Mar. 20th, 2023: Canva logo on the screen of a mobile phone in hand.

Recently I have spent time learning how to use canva and I am amazed by the things I have created there. It looks like things you would pay money to buy off of TPT or Etsy, I am so proud that I have the skills to do that. I have created many different types of resources to add to the resource library at camp and these ones look like something you would catch your eye and make you want to read and look into. I have also created our camp brochure that went out to all our camper families and have created postcards to send to other camps to let them know we are thinking about them this summer.  I am looking forward to the next few months as I get to discover more things on canva and realize what I can create.