Technology and Me

This week’s blog post question has led me to take a deeper dive into how I interact, and spend my time on the internet.


According to my weekly screen report time I, spend a lot of my time flipping between 3 apps on my phone. Which if you’ve read my previous blog post Intro to Me, it would be an easy guess to say one of those apps happen to be Free People. While the other two, happen to be Snapchat and TikTok


Upon reflection of these three apps, I can confidently say that a lot of my time spent through technology is spent leisurely, and as a way of social interaction. Rather than the idea that they are purely based on my academic pursuits. Sure, I use snapchat to ask my friends questions about due dates and maybe clarification of a question but that’s as far as that usually goes in the realm of academic and social media for me.


The question regarding digital tools and apps that I rely on and use to keep myself on track is a hard question as I don’t use any. Thankfully I am someone who is able to get their work done on time, and stay focused while doing so. I will say that due to this when it comes time to use add blockers, OneTab, or StayFocused there may be a bit of a learning curve for myself to remember to have them ready to go for the lesson at hand.


Like any other human, if it does happen to be a day where I just cannot seem to stay on track I try to make sure I get a start on things before I venture off onto another website, or scroll mindlessly through social media. It seen that even if I have one sentence started for an assignment it takes a lot of weight off my shoulders knowing when I come back to look at it I have a starting place or idea.


Thanks for reading!

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