EDTC300,  Learning Project


During this past week, I’ve jumped into the wonderful world of digital art. Although, I did not know where to start, once I downloaded the procreate app I quickly turned to TikTok.


Through TikTok I found a user; Anna, a Digital Illustrator who posts easy tutorials and how-to videos which helped me with the beginning footsteps of this learning journey. For the first week, I was worried about working through the basics of the app; finding the ins and outs of creating.


Figuring out pressure seemed to be the hardest learning curve I have when creating digitally. The harder the pressure the darker, and bolder the brushstroke is, while the lighter the pressure it becomes vice versa. Finding the accurate pressure to create the depth and dimension needed for the piece to “come to life”. Although after some digging I was able to find a video explaining how to adjust the pressure stabilizer.


This piece I created, is called “BunBun”; although this piece doesn’t necessary jump off the canvas as one would say I think it’s a good starting point to get somewhere better. To create “BunBun” I used multiple different layers, and figured out how to delete and merge these layers without potentially messing something up. A few other things I learned how to do while on this process is to change brushstroke sizes, create custom colors, add and remove different creative aspects.


I hope you think she is as cute as I do!


  • Sabrina Irvine

    Katelyn- Your bunny is pretty adorable! I’ve never learned digital art; this is a neat world with endless possibilities. I look forward to seeing what you learn next.

  • Dylan McCabe

    This was so cool to see a product that you were able to create with your learning. The bunny turned out great! It is always great to see examples of TikTok being useful and not always a time consumer!

  • Stella Mulatz

    Hey Katelyn! I think it is so awesome that there is apps like tiktok that can help us learn how to do new skills. You can find tutorials for almost anything on that app. I love seeing the progress you made! The bunny is adorable! I can’t wait to see what else you create!

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