I was born and raised in Southey, Saskatchewan. I attended the town’s only K-12 school for all my primary and secondary school years. Since I only attended one school, I became really close with my classmates and the staff at the school. I was very involved in the school by participating in many sports and extra curricular activities as mention on the About Me page. It was easy to be so involved in school when my class was very athletic, academic, and we always pushed each other to be better.

I always worked hard in my classes and I graduated with the second highest average in my class. During my last semester of high school I decided to take the University of Regina’s High School Accelerated English 100. This really pushed me out of my comfort zone and gave me my first experience in a “new school,” even though the class was online. This course forced me to work on my time management and made me realize the difference between high school quality and university quality assignments. I am proud of myself for finishing the course with an 86%.