My Teaching Journey

Professional Development

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Year One

Year Two

Taking on Systemic Racism in Education with Dr. Jerome Cranston, ESS 2021

Teach with Purpose with Larae Pierson, ESS 2021

Dr. ABC’s Teachable Moments, ESS 2021:

  • Second Workshop – The Culturally Relevant and Responsive Educator: Preparation and Planning
  • Third Workshop – Pedagogy and Practice, From Awareness to Action: Using the Tools you have to dismantle Racism/Anti-Black Racism

Year Three

Integration of Indigenous ways of Knowing, Faculty of Education 2021

Nalaxone Training, ESS/APSS 2021

Expanding Your Personal Learning Network, ESS/SaskEdChat 2021

EYES Staff Training, University of Regina 2021:
       o Positive Safety Network through URPride
       o Indigenous Engagement Training in partnership with Treaty 4 Education Alliance
       o Classroom Management
       o Conflict Resolution
       o Hazardous Material and Safety

Year Four

Regina Public Schools PD, August & November 2022

Classroom Management and Engagement Cheryl Exner, Faculty of Education 2022

EYES X ESS: How to Meaningfully Integrate Technology in the Classroom, ESS 2022

First Aid & CPR Level C, Red Cross 2022

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  1. Julie Machnaik

    Thank-you for attending this fantastic Professional Development opportunity! Dr. Lee Airton’s story and messages have provided you with valuable information to continue to explore in future university classes. Great that you weaved this experience into your overall reflection in the field too!

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