My Teaching Journey

I Believe…


  • Relationships with students are essential
  • Differentated/adapted learning is key to meeting classroom needs
  • In learning by doing (hands on education)
  • In spending time on the land/outside of the classroom
  • In bringing the community into the school
  • In integrating technology into the classroom
  • In trying to balance the student teacher power imbalance
  • In inclusive education


  • Most assessments in the classroom should be formative
  • Assessments should be to help guide teachings, not place value onto students
  • There can be a time an a place for each type of assessment (for, of, and as)

Building Lifelong Learners:

  • Student inquiry is essential
  • No school year should look the same because each group of students will have different interests
  • Building student confidence will encourage resillience
  • The ultimate goal of teaching is to help students not need us (independant learners)
  • Students should be able to have a say in their learning goals
  • In learning from your mistakes
  • In being open to the unexpected & trying new things
  • That the more you learn, the more you realize you don’t know

Social Justice:

  • Books incorperated into the classroom need to meet the critera of the anti-bias children’s book guide
    • This includes book that represent various social identities (racial, ethnic, gender, economic class, sexual orientation, and disability) in a way that is not tokenisitc and doesn’t perpetrate stereotypes
  • Students have more power to make change than society gives them credit for
  • Students can make positive changes in their school and community

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  1. Julie Machnaik

    I Believe…you have a strong sense of community, a passion for teaching and the willingness to go the extra mile. Incredible that you’re already looking ahead to the possibility of continuing your education with the Inclusive Education Certificate. 🙂 Beautiful ePortfolio that shares who you are and who you are becoming as teacher. Excellent field reflections with spectacular photos – you do have an eye for taking pictures – and your final reflection shows a high level of connection and reflection of your overall learning in ECS100. All the best in your journey ahead as you achieve your goals and dreams of becoming a teacher.

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