Continuing the Thread: My Ongoing Goals and Aspirations

February 6, 2024 2 By Kylee Hulm

Week two of my learning project brought much excitement and anticipation to start learning more about crocheting. As I mentioned in my previous blog I was working on a headband I was hoping to have completed, however my package from Amazon had not arrived in time. I’m hoping to post the finished product in my next update as all I have to do is sew the bow part of the headband. I also took a jab at making a granny square following this granny square tutorial which I did not complete because I inserted my hook into the wrong stitch and that minor mistake left me with what’s pictured below. However, I did not let that stop me and I found a second granny square tutorial video I plan to try and watch to hopefully help me make a successful granny square. This first video I watched I think caused me some issues as her yarn is such a light colour and she didn’t go into as much detail on the exact spot to insert my hook around the 12 minute mark. I did find the video useful but as a beginner I need it to be slower and more precise. Whereas this second video had darker yarn, lots of repetition, and the person took their time to explain what exactly I was looking at and where to look.

Image of an attempted granny square

Week two of the project also brought me so much joy as I have really enjoyed learning how to crochet and it’s only the start of my learning journey. I was so excited that I actually found two videos on beginner friendly crochet blankets and purchased yarn to begin making one in the next week or two. I know it might seem as though I’m moving quickly, but many people recommend trying out different stitches and projects to help learn the basics of crochet. My confidence has grown so much and I cannot wait to continue learning. With me feeling confident and having fun I’ve been able to crochet while visiting with my family and even watching shows. I do need to work on tension control but from the beginner tips videos I’ve been watching everyone is reassuring me that tension control is something that comes with practice. The a wrap on week two’s recap and I looked forward to my next week of learning!