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The World of Technology: Classroom Integration

The world is constantly changing, and so are technology and social media trends. Trends that were popular one month may no longer be trending the next week or even the next month. Therefore, participation culture is constantly evolving and changing. In Michael Wesch’s An Anthropological Introduction to YouTube, he says that trends are fun, allow…

By Kylee Hulm February 6, 2024 0

A Quick Hello: Kylee’s EDTC 300 Blog

Hello, my name is Kylee, and I am enrolled in the Middle Years Education program. My university career started in Nursing which I enjoyed, but I still felt so drawn to teaching. Growing up babysitting my two brothers, kids of our family friends, and others in my community, I realized I just had a way…

By Kylee Hulm January 22, 2024 1