A legend in the baking…

Bready or not…here I crumb…

The learning project is right up my alley. Ideally, if there was enough time and money was no issue, I would choose either the cello (always been a dream of mine) or pottery (I don’t have a kiln).  So, I think I’ll stick with something in the realm of what I think I’m good at: cooking. BUT. I suck at baking. SO. I think I’d like to learn how to bake bread.  My family loves all things bread, and quite honestly, there is no greater smell than fresh bread. Adding a pat of butter onto a warm slice of homemade bread is divine. Of course, I’ve never filled my own house up with that smell because, frankly, it scares me. I am super confident whipping up a meal, but I have zero experience baking bread. I just head to Cobbs because it’s easy. Duh.

First, white bread.

Then, homemade buns.

Last, focaccia.

I’m thinking I will tackle three different types of bread throughout the next 6 weeks. Two weeks of trying two different recipes for each type of bread. PaulHollywood might be proud of me….

What do you think about that? Too easy? Too hard? Lay it on me.Baking Puns - Nice Buns


  1. Christina Puscus

    Laura, first, these puns are 10/10. Second, I think this is a fantastic idea! I love baking and am pretty good at it, but I’ve never ventured into bread. I related a lot to your post, especially with the whole loving bread but never making it myself idea. I’m looking forward to following along as you attempt these three different types of bread! It sounds like a reasonable and realistic progression to me. Good luck!

    • Laura Gaboury

      Ohhhhh thanks, Christina. I like to think I’m funny. My students and husband, not so much. hahaha. I made my first attempt today. I think it was a win.

  2. Janeen Clark

    Sounds great, Laura! If you need testers I’m available…

    • Laura Gaboury

      Always – you’re always welcome to pop on over. But this will only be a weekend or day off venture – breadmaking takes FOREVER.

  3. Laurie

    I love this idea. If only you can find a way to make the fresh bread smell come through the computer! Good luck.

    • Laura Gaboury

      Laurie – you would have loved the smell of my house today. It was devine.

  4. Kendra Simon

    Hi Laura,
    What a great and practical learning opportunity as food prices are skyrocketing! I have tried and true bun recipe that I stick with but like you haven’t ventured into different types of bread. I look forward to watching your learning and gaining some new recipes to try!

    • Laura Gaboury

      Thanks, Kendra. To be honest, I didn’t even think about the cost of bread and the impact on my grocery bill as motivation to do this. I guess we will see how successful I am and if it’s worth my time. Feel free to share your tried and true bun recipe! I’d love to try it.

  5. Brenda Schmidt

    This is great Laura! I hope I get an invite for the taste test! 🙂

    • Laura Gaboury

      Brenda – you’re always invited! Why not get a couple kms in and run on over? You have to replenish those calories lost somehow 😉

  6. Jacquie Ehrmantraut

    I love a good bun…I mean pun…both? I love this idea. There really is only a few smells that are as good as freshly-baked bread. I don’t think this skill is easy at all, so I say go for it! I had to make bread a few times when my common-law partner had a low-iodine specific diet to follow during very specific cancer treatment but I used a bread maker, so kudos to you for taking it on old-school. Also, very practical of you to try a couple recipes for each type of bread you’ll attempt. Good luck!

    • Laura Gaboury

      Thanks, Jacquie. Did you find it difficult? Do you have any good recipes to share? I attempted my first loaves today. Not bad.

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