Feedback and a Fresh Outlook

Hi everyone!  My post about incorporating feedback into my compressed gas safety course, and improving equity and accessibility, got a bit long (as usual).  You can find the entire blog post here.  Thanks again to all of you for the kind feedback and suggestions along the way!

About Lauren Bradshaw

Hello! I'm a Chemist and Health & Safety Advisor with the Faculty of Engineering & Applied Science, at the University of Regina. I've already completed a MSc in Occupational Health & Environmental Management, but have recently changed gears to pursue a Master's Certificate in Educational Technology and Media.
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  1. Olajide Abijo says:

    Hey Lauren. Your posts are always detailed! I gave your pre-test as an example in my Program Planning class recently. Your posts are detailed enough to help me evaluate what I am doing and what I can do. Thank you for giving much thought to what you do.

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