Final course prototype (but not FINAL final….)

Final course prototype (but not FINAL final…..)

It’s so hard to believe that we are finally here, posting the final course prototypes. What a ride it has been….

(Haha, just kidding – I’m not really dead inside, but very, very tired. Course development is apparently a lot of work).

This final blog post was a real eye opener – I got a kick out of seeing how my ideas and attitudes have evolved over the last few months. Clearly I’ve been learning!  Before I started this course, I thought it was enough (albeit dull) to just post a PowerPoint presentation online with a quiz for my safety training.  As long as the information makes sense, that is sufficient, right? 

(The above has been my experience in non-UofR online classes – and sadly might have been the experience of those who took my past online safety training courses).

I’ve always done well when taking these classes, so I saw nothing wrong with this. But I see now that there was potential for so much more, and how the format was fine for my own learning style/abilities but likely not suitable for others.

The rationale for my compressed gas safety course, the course profile, and ADDIE template were discussed in detail in a previous blog post.  To summarize, the current safety training for research lab users (Engineering grad students, staff and faculty) at the UofR only briefly mentions the hazards and safe handling of compressed gas cylinders.  Yet, we have a LOT of these cylinders in my faculty, and they can be extremely hazardous if not handled correctly.  (In the United States, there are approximately 20 deaths and 6,000 injuries annually.  Even that innocent looking helium cylinder at dollar stores could kill you if you knocked it over….my husband refuses to enter these stores with me, as I’m constantly reminding their staff about this).  While we are fortunate there haven’t been any incidents in our labs, compressed gas issues are frequently cited on our internal and external safety audits.  The needs analysis clearly shows a gap in our training. 

(Much more blogging ahead – continue to the link here).

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Hello! I'm a Chemist and Health & Safety Advisor with the Faculty of Engineering & Applied Science, at the University of Regina. I've already completed a MSc in Occupational Health & Environmental Management, but have recently changed gears to pursue a Master's Certificate in Educational Technology and Media.
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2 Responses to Final course prototype (but not FINAL final….)

  1. Leanne Meili says:

    What a great final post! It is amazing to look back to see how much we learned during a semester, and I couldn’t agree with you more—course development is a lot of work!

  2. Jasvinder Kaur says:

    Hi Lauren! Congratulations for completing your final prototype. I really appreciate your efforts in Gas safety prototype. Thankyou!

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