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Easy as 011011

To continue with my coding journey I decided to take a look at the Netflix series Explained. This is a series with 30 minute episodes explaining the most random things which I love and I came across an episode about coding, it was perfect! The blurb about the show was what intrigued me:

“It looks at how computer code is pervasive in how it effects our lives. It looks at the development of machine code first in the textile industry and later binary code in early mechanical computers. It also discusses computer logic, algorithms, computer languages, personal computing, and machine learning.”

The coding episode of Explained started with where coding originated from. Ada Lovelace made a huuuuge impact on coding thanks to her development of the Analytical Engine.Lovelace’s Analytical Engine used the first coding language known as binary. I found it super cool how in a male dominated field, a woman had one of the most influential inventions that would change the ways of technology and computer science.

Let me just say that it BLEW MY MIND ? when the part of this episode finally understood why binary is the main coding language. I remember learning counting in binary in math classes and always thought “I will never use this” but I will admit that math concepts are taught with reason. I think I will be sticking to Python as the main coding language I want to learn since my brain works better with words than numbers. Now, I could attempt to explain Binary code but here is a video which will do a much better job.


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  • Deanna Gallipeau

    I love your enthusiasm about coding! It is such an unfamiliar world to me. I never thought about using Netflix as a resource for my learning project.

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