EDTC 300


My honest opinion of Twitter? I am not a fan unfortunately.

Prior to EDTC300 I had never used Twitter, September 2022 was when I made my first Twitter account. I never had a reason to make a Twitter account before now and I honestly could have gone my whole life without it. I found the process of tweeting difficult to stay consistent with, I do not post much on social media in general so it is a task which I am getting used to. I am consistently forgetting to post on my Twitter profile.

However, I will admit that Twitter is a great resource, especially for staying connect and sharing all kinds of things. Everyone who posts on Twitter also gets an equal opportunity to share their ideas which is important for voicing ones thoughts. I appreciate how unlike Facebook or other media sites, Twitter filters though your activity and recommends profiles/posts that are of interest. I always hate using Facebook and something irrelevant pops up on feed (right now for me it the 5 Minute Craft videos).

I do not think that Twitter is a resource that I will be regularly use after EDTC300. I hate that I don’t have a real explanation on why I am not a fan of Twitter other than I just don’t. Maybe it is something too new for me in the moment and out of my routine or maybe I’m comparing it Facebook, either way, I am going to start giving Twitter a better chance.

I am trying my best to keep up with Twitter so give me a follow and continue this journey with me!


  • Kaelynn LePoudre

    Hey Laura,

    Thanks for sharing your experience – I really appreciate that you linked your account within this post.

    I am also finding it difficult to use my account consistently as I am also not one who posts very often on social media. Something I’ve found that helps with this is setting a repeated reminder on my phone to post a Tweet for the duration of the semester. Although I am still not as consistent as I want to be, it is definitely making the process easier.

  • kad563

    Hey Laura,

    I feel the same way about twitter, its one of the apps I never use or go on for fun. I have used twitter before for a class back in high school but other than that I never use it. I do hope in the future i will use it more for when I have my own classroom and can share what the class is doing. But for now I will only also use twitter for EDTC300

  • Amy

    Hi Laura,
    I had similar thoughts to you but I’m slowly coming around to Twitter. Initially my biggest resistance came from the fact that I already try to limit my time on other social media platforms, that I didn’t want to add another platform and spend even more time on a device. But I am starting to see that if you invest the time in following the right kind of people, it can be a very valuable resource. But I do still find it difficult to keep up.
    Thanks for your ideas!

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