Andrew MacPhail

Education is my passion!

Hello everyone and welcome to my ePortfolio. I hope this site provides an in-depth and educational point of view and serves as tool to help understand my beliefs as a future educator. Feel free to look at the different tabs posted such as: About me, Educational philosophies, Professional learning, and my work during field placement.

Resources: Overall in this journey I have used a wide variety of resources to help me become more prepared as a educator and help expand my ePortfolio. The following are sources I use and continue to learn from.

  • The Gender Unicorn: Gender Identity
  • Deeping the Discussion: Gender and Sexual Diversity
  • I Believe Statement Sheet
  • ECS Core Manual
  • Oh, Canada: bridges and barriers to inclusion in Canadian schools
  • Truth and Reconciliation: What is it about?
  • Invitation and Hospitality