Growing Up In the Digital World: In the Role of An Educator

In the past few weeks of EDTC 300, I have had the opportunity to learn more about the growing presence of technology in many different ways, and many of these connect to me as I am part of the digital world. The concept of participatory culture is a new term to me yet the concept of both posting/creating content and the ability to take it in is something that pretty much every adult and student does on a daily basis. As Wesch highlighted in his Youtube video, certain platforms are expanding rapidly which means more students and young adults are being exposed to more content as educators we need to be aware of how this can change in a short and frequent time period. In future classrooms, educators should take the opportunity to teach topics such as online awareness and possible impacts that can occur by being invested on different social media platforms such as Snapchat, Instagram, Youtube, Tik Tok. This allows us to rethink education in a different way. This comes with both positives and negatives. The challenges can be seen with the disappearance of mediation and students struggling with focusing on their social media presence and maintaining other branches of life. For schools to continue to enhance their digital identity and leverage the affordances of digital culture means allowing students to use different and growing apps and platforms yet making sure mediation stays in place. When it comes to working and teaching students that have a life centered around social media, a balance mechanic that I uphold is that a break is sometimes what may be required in order to show people that there is still a physical world outside of the screen. This does not mean avoiding it and denying the presence of participatory culture but minimizing it and allowing for new opportunities.

4 thoughts on “Growing Up In the Digital World: In the Role of An Educator

  1. Hello Andrew. I feel like you highlighted some great takeaways from the vidoes. I agree that mediation is an important aspect I this new way with technology. However us as educators can only do so much to monitor mediation. With that being said I think it is important to provide students with awareness and advocacy of cyberbullying and the dangers of the internet. I feel lots of students don’t know about a digital footprint and that the things the do online matters. So I personally say educating the students on the benefits and dangers of the internet is a great way to start! After all we are EDUCATORS. 🙂

  2. Hi Andrew, I liked how you included some of the keys aspects to Wesch video and that technology and social medias are changing in many ways. I also liked when you mentioned that as educators we are to help students to be aware of the dangers of what is out there as well, staying safe and how social media can change a way students see themselves and the world. You are right about ‘mediation’ of how it should still stay in place because technology is growing and I can personally say that I am always hesitant to even make my daughter be on her iPad even just to watch a cartoon. I think educating our students on technology is very important yet. Thank you for sharing your insights towards technology and having it in the classroom.

  3. There are so many platforms that are being used in the digital world today. I think it is so important that children do know the dangers that could arise from these platforms. As educators, we need to teach students about the internet and the cautions that go along with the use of it. Thanks for sharing!

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