Hello to all my blog readers,

Well, it is the first time I have created a blog, and writing here is also a new experience. Honestly, I am not techno-savvy and when I read our syllabus for this class for the first time I could not understand our assignments, all the terms like the ADDIE Model, The LMS, H5P, and others were and are still new to me. However, I opted for this subject because I want to come out of my comfort zone (do not want to use technology), explore more options to become productive and smart, want to match my pace with this AI world, and want to take proper advantage of all technical gadgets which I have.

I have been using different software like MS Word, MS Excel, PowerPoint presentations, Zoom, and a few others for a long time, but I have never tried more than these. Even when I started using these, it was not easy for me, and also today, whenever I try to use new software, I take time to understand its features, and I think it is going to affect my speed of doing work here as well. I firmly believe that in this technological era, to become more productive and save time and effort, one has to be familiar with online apps and software. Right now, at the beginning of this course, I am a bit afraid, but I hope that I will end this class with all the new learning and with great confidence.