Hello to all,

My name is Mandeep Kaur and I am from Punjab (India). Well, as I had never taught in a Canadian school before, I had no idea what to do when I initially heard about this assignment. Fortunately, though, I had my online EC&I 804 session with Professor Stacey Croop the following Saturday. During our discussion of an article, I learned about the perspectives of contemporary Canadian educators, and this exercise inspired me to write this paper. The article discussed the Ontario government’s intentions to put the “Back to Basics” education strategy into effect.


Well, earlier I had assumed that perhaps only pupils from India lacked a basic understanding of both English and mathematics, but after reading the article, I saw that this was not the case. To be honest, as a student, I too struggled to understand more complex or challenging concepts that were founded on fundamentals, which made me lose interest in my studies. I also used to have poorer grades, which eventually contributed to my lack of confidence. Additionally, I believe that it gets harder for teachers to instruct, facilitate pupils’ understanding of new ideas, and support their improvement as they get older. Consequently,  I wholeheartedly endorse the Ontario government’s decision to implement a “back to basics” strategy aimed at enhancing kindergarten kids’ reading, writing, and math abilities before entering grade 1.


Through my lesson, letter-sound relationship kindergarten students will learn about the sounds of different letters and their relationship with other letters. I will use a blended learning method to teach in which I will use pre-recorded videos by which they will learn phonetics, and proper articulation of tongue and lips while producing different sounds of letters. during face-to-face class, I will pay individual attention and help them to differentiate and recognize different sounds of letters.

Kindergarten students will learn about the sounds of certain letters and how they relate to other letters through my lesson on letter-sound relationships. Using pre-recorded videos, I will employ a blended learning approach to teach them phonetics and correct tongue and lip articulation while making various letter sounds. I will provide each student particular attention in face-to-face sessions and assist them in differentiating and recognizing letter sounds. In addition, students will be encouraged to appropriately pronounce words by connecting the sounds of distinct letters during book readings of short stories. Additionally, several enjoyable activities will be used to teach the same concept to kindergarten pupils in order to make the teaching-learning process engaging for them.

Students will know every basic sound for every letter before they enter grade 1, which will help them read correctly on their own in the long run, write better, communicate more effectively, and have greater confidence. Not to add, it will support educators in their teaching of more concepts.

The template of the ADDIE model is here. Please click on the link.