Who is the REAL Jordan Puscus?

For someone who doesn’t know Jordan, figuring out who the real Jordan Puscus would not be an easy feat to get to the bottom of. Lucky for me, I do know who Jordan is through a few social events and a mutual friend, however, for someone looking to get the dirty details about Jordan, they would be hard pressed to find any. I started by delete Jordan off of Facebook to really see if I could find any information about him without cheating. To say that this was a challenge would be an understatement. Once I deleted him off of Facebook, there was no trace of his account. Through Google, I could not find much personal information on him, however, I was able to find a little bit of information… Jordan sits as the Vice-President for Regina Catholic Services, he is also the Secretary for the Regina Touch Football league. Other than that, I was only able to find small accounts of Jordan through Google such as his Twitter (which I was already followling) as well as some Spotify playlists that he has as public. Safe to say that if you google Jordan Puscus, you will not find much other than a few professional details.

Where I found most of my information about Jordan was on his blog. Jordan was blessed to be born with a twin brother, he has a social work degree and a masters. He has a wife who is a teacher and he has a daughter. If you would like more details on Jordan’s life, feel free to browse his blog at your leisure, but as far as being an internet sleuth goes, there is not much information available about Jordan that he isn’t willing to share via his own free will.

Digital Identity

As we begin to explore Digital Identity, it is interesting to know that most people actually have multiple social media accounts, on multiple social media platforms. Sometimes, with more than 1 per social media platform. While I say that this is interesting, it is also not surprising to me at all… As I am one of those people. I use Twitter primarily to get most of my news, more I mostly go on Twitter for sports news rather than political news, although I get a mix of both. I have several Twitter accounts, Instagram accounts and Reddit accounts. Most of which you would never be able to find unless you had access to my phone. These accounts are used, as Nicole Lee suggested in her article¬†Having multiple online identities is more normal than you think, to share different opinions and interests that not all of my regular follows on my personal account would be interested in. Rather than flooding different feeds with posts about niche topics, I have chosen to separate my interests with different accounts on different platforms.

Using different account can also be helpful for other reasons. Someone might have some controversial views and opinions that they do not want associated with their personal self. Using a second account or “burner” accounts could be helpful in sharing very controversial opinions while minimizing the risk of people knowing who is the real person behind those thoughts. Be careful though! One would be cautious when switching between these accounts as there have been cases of some high profile figures posting certain opinions or messages while forgetting to switch to burner accounts… *cough cough* Kevin Durant *cough cough*.

Jon Ronson shares an interesting story during a TED talk, which I have shared below, about Justine Socco, who sent out a tweet that was meant to be a bit of a joke but ended up being catastrophic for her life and career. A quick lapse of judgement, that Justine most likely thought not many people would see, turned into the most trending tweet on Twitter at the time. With the emergence of cancel culture, people and especially celebrities, need to be as cautious as ever with what they share. The slightest misstep could prove to be catastrophic to any life or career.

2 thoughts on “Who is the REAL Jordan Puscus?

  1. I was surprised to learn so many people had multiple accounts. I only have one. I used to spend more time on social media, but it doesn’t interest me much any more. I did find that video very interesting. I am betting she did not think that tweet would destroy her life. Part of the reason I stay away from most social media now is for my mental health. I find there is a lot of trolls and that people are much crueler on the internet then they would be in person. it is a disturbing trend.

  2. Good job on the cyber sleuthing! Sounds like you really tried to challenge yourself by unfriending him on facebook! I’m interested how you found some Spotify playlists, I’ve never thought about some of the things that are public.

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