Podcast and coffee time!

Thanks for coming back! This week I’ve checked out Anchor to learn French (my learning project) and discover how to write a classroom podcast. Honestly, I was not sure what to choose- a podcase (and which one?) a class plan website, a video editor…. too much to choose from! So I decided to start with the podcast to see how I can embed this in the classroom and engage students in new ways, and maybe check out more options later too. Anchor felt more intuitive for me so I went with it.

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So starting where I always start first when I’m excited/ overwhelmed/ anything in between: the very first part of the very first step. In this case- podcast short intro. I called it hot chocolate (for the kids) and coffee (for me!) break. This can be a way for me to learn French now, and provide the verbal practice (additional time to Doulingo ) and have a fun way to experiment on myself and try this later in the classroom.

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It was not easy- it took me a few days and some road blocks. First, I learned how to set it up, and then have the courage to actually talk in it – in French! haha…. then it would not submit for reviewing for some reason. So I played around with it, got frustrated, stopped, got back to it later, and eventually figured it out.

This took a week haha…. learning French AND patience! Now that I’ve explored it for a while, and still got lots to learn (like placing sound effects, etc.) I think it’s a good tool overall- just got to learn how to make it work and be more familiar with its system. I also have so much more to focus on, especially talking slower when I’m nervous.

This is how my Anchor profile looks like when I progress with the steps (which is how I realized that I was stuck at the publishing stage! smart app design)

and how the main page looks like now that my podcast is approved and ready to go (taken with zoom, the glue of my life lately!) which shows you where the podcast is available, the embedding links, etc.

And that was followed with the very happy victory email that I got declaring my podcast is available online!

So- why is this good in the classroom? check out the podcast and find out! (and hear be learning French…) grab your coffee and chill for 6 minutes 🙂

The podcast will be a fun way to engage and get the kids vocal and creative in a positive way

It will help them be aware of their words choices

Share with parents and community members our weekly learning

Collaborate with other classrooms doing the same

Hear progress when learning a new language

And much much more!

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I still need to learn lots here… how to upload a full song, how to do transitions in the body of the episode, and much more…. if you got tips- please please share! This is all so new!

Taken from Quizlet

For my French project, this was helpful as I spoke my new words. This week I learned the colors. As an art teacher- this is extra fun! I pronounce it still a bit off, but can already hear progress and this is a big step for me. I used Quizlets for this one. And want to thank you all for the helpful tips and recommending so many good places to learn French- this is so much appreciated!

This is the super short video I found that also helps me practice along side Quizlets- unlike the other videos I posted before it’s around one minute so can be played anytime and is just there if I need to fix up my pronunciation. I like how simple it is, and how quick it is. Repetition and simplifying has turned out key to my progress in French learning project!

How is your project going? Why did you choose your platforms? Feel free to share and follow also on twitter!

Until next time!

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4 thoughts on “Podcast and coffee time!

  1. Hi Maya!
    It sounds like you had quite the week with your learning project and staying patient with Anchor! A podcast is a great way to document your progress, especially if you’re learning how to speak in another language! I also used Anchor for the first time this week, and if you haven’t already, I would highly recommend downloading the App and using Anchor from your phone! I had troubles getting Anchor to work on my laptop but once I was on the App on my phone, it was smooth sailing from there! Hope this helps if you make a podcast on Anchor in the future!

    • Hi Janelle,

      Thanks for the comment and advice- this may be a big help! The laptop troubles are slowing it down for sure and I never thought the app may be an easy solution plus I can get it done on the go 🙂
      Patience for a new language and a new online tool required me to have double extra patience and an extra cup of coffee haha… but then again this is a skill a need to work on anyway so better get an early start before the practicum.

      I’m looking forward to go read your blog too and share some Anchor thoughts! Will save it for coffee break 🙂

      Thanks for the encouragement and chat soon on your blog!

      Maya 🙂

  2. Hey Maya,

    A podcast is such a great idea! Podcasting has grown so much over the past few years (especially this past year), and I think it is a great tool that has a lot of potential in the classroom. I find myself listening to podcasts more than I listen to music these days. I don’t remember any French, but I had fun listening to your podcast! I chose Animoto, which is a video maker/editor, for my project. I wanted to make an instructional cooking video and it turned out pretty good!

    Good luck with your next learning blog!


  3. Hello Maya!
    I have only recently started to get into podcasts and having them in the classroom would be so much fun! I feel like I would have so much fun podcasting, I talk a lot, I know so much useless facts and I have really bad jokes to share. BUT, I am one of those people that doesn’t like the sound of my own voice when heard through a recording.
    Anyways…thank you for this wonderful post. Good luck on your French!

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