Garden On!

Three years ago, my partner and I purchased our first home. And over the last three years, we have been consumed with learning how, and what it means, to be a homeowner. Year after year, we put a lot of focus on the house itself and we left the yard for the next year. Soon enough, three years had gone by and our poor backyard, while nice enough, was lacking.

So what a perfect time to learn how to garden! Prior to the start of this course, I had purchased two raised garden beds, but I suspect if I didn’t have this class pushing me I wouldn’t have bothered to build them until next year (and that is optimistic). But now, I have to!

I have some relatively ambitious goals, but I’m an all-in type of person so my plan (hopefully) will look like this:

person planting in garden with gloves and watering can
  1. Front Yard:
  2. Backyard:

That is all for now, but I am sure as the weeks wear on I will find more things to plant and grow. Now the next steps are to buy everything and plant! Wish me, and all my new plants, luck!

2 thoughts on “Garden On!”

  1. You are brave Laurie! Mystery plants scare me for sure. I looked at your pictures on your blog and I suspect that your yard will look SO beautiful once you get those plants flourishing. Just in time for summer. 🙂

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