Networked Learning— Contribution to my classmates

I can’t believe that this is going to be the last blog post for EDTC300! We learned about ways we can utilize technology to improve and support learning, which we experienced through utilizing multiple platforms such as Tweeter and blogs. This post is dedicated to some of the contributions I’ve made to my classmate’s digital journeys!

Blog/Learning Project

The main project and the most fun part of the EDTC class are the learning projects. Through utilizing blogging tools such as Edusites and Weebly, we were able to create aesthetically pleasing websites dedicated to our learning journey.

I could easily communicate with my classmates by commenting on their posts— whether that be compliments, supports, or suggestions. Above, you can see some of the comments I made on my classmate’s posts! Having the ability to comment and support each other makes the learning project so meaningful and memorable— I’ll truly never forget the sweet comments I’ve received on my Nail Days and other posts. By receiving and giving constructive feedback, we were able to improve the skills we were learning, as well as improve the blogs.


I found myself to be the most active on Twitter over any other platforms because of how useful and easy it is to use. I started out by following my classmates, but I was hesitant to follow other accounts as I have bad experience with this. There were a couple education related accounts that followed me, and I only followed back if there were mutual followers. I shared one informative resource a day, as well as comment/retweet on my classmate’s posts as well. Below are some posts and comments I made on Twitter!

Although I didn’t have many followers/follwings, I still had so many useful resources shared by my classmates. I like that I could see all my posts and replies in one place, so I didn’t have to scroll for hours trying to look for a website that somebody has shared. I liked and replied on Tweets that I found interesting, always ending with a “thanks for sharing!”. This way, even though I’ve never seen any of my classmates in person, I felt more connection with all of them.

In conclusion…

Through experiencing it on my own, I now understand the importance of technology in education. Not only does it improve the way we learn, but also the way we interact and contribute to the class/classmates. By interacting with other students, I gained enormous support and love, as well as helpful feedbacks. Thank you to all my classmates, and I hope to stay in touch after the course ends!

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