Bringing it Together

Although I have been making progress in learning the drums, I am struggling with playing three components at once. I decided to do some research this week into drum exercises that will help me out! I ended up finding a youtube video that covers three drum exercises that involve the kick, hi-hat, and snare drum.

The three exercises in the video work on the hi-hat, snare and kick placement. I am still pretty rocky when I add all three together. Since I am in the middle of a move, I was not able to practice as much as I wanted this week on these exercises. I mainly focused on the hi-hat placement exercise, as the intro of my goal song is “Creep” by Radiohead uses those three parts. I followed the easiest version of the hi-hat placement exercise first, as the other ones are still too difficult for me.

My Attempts

As I am still a beginner and not confident in my playing ability, I was very nervous and timid while playing. I thought I would include my multiple attempts of trying the hi-hat placement exercise. To record my attempts I used the resource Audacity. I found this resource excellent to edit my audio recordings as well. Unfortunately, I was unable to post the clips directly from Audacity. I found an audio converter, Online Audio Converter, that allowed me to post these clips.

Attempt #1

My first attempt at the beat. I started off by trying just the snare and kick to manage to play that same beat over and over. Next, I tried to incorporate the hi-hat into the beat. This took me a few tries to complete.

Attempt #2

I recorded myself after practicing a few times this beat a few times this week, I have only made a little bit of progress, but hopefully, I can get better by next week!

Drumming Joke of the Week:

Don’t you dare hit that drum again!

If you do, there will be repercussions!

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