Intro to Creep

For my final learning project post, I decided to learn the intro to “Creep” by Radiohead. Although I am nowhere near the skill level I need to be to complete the entire song, the intro only involves the kick, snare, and hi-hat. I have been practicing through drumming exercises to work on timing and using three components of drums. I tried to use a new video editing tool called Filmora. When I completed editing and went to post I realized that I needed premium to do so. Since I was not willing to spend more money for editing one video, I ended up using Imovie again, to edit my clips together. I will mention that Filmora was very easy to use and featured cool and unique titles and transitions. If I was more into editing videos, I might try the premium version to

I thought this would be an excellent post to end with as this was my goal song to learn by the end of this learning project. “Creep” is quite a fast song, and I am not that fast with my drumming yet. So I had to slow down the tempo to learn which drum to hit. However, I am overjoyed with being able to play a small portion of this song!

Learning Resource:

This week, I followed along with a Youtube video, ★ Creep (Radiohead) ★ Drum Lesson PREVIEW | How To Play Song (Phil Selway). I found that he explained the process of the entire song well, but I was not able to complete the whole song. At least for now!


I am now one officially step closer to learning my favourite Song!

Drumming Joke of the Week:

How can you tell if there is a drummer at your door?

The knocking speeds up

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