Networked Learning – EDTC 300

Throughout the winter semester, I was asked to interact and assist the learning of my EDTC classmate. I am very busy, as I work two jobs, and am a full-time student. I was not able to chat with everyone throughout the semester, but I was able to have a few meaningful interactions.

Commenting on Blog Posts

I was able to comment on a few people’s blogs throughout the semester. I enjoyed reading about their learning project and their outlook on the assigned blog posts.

My Own Blog Posts

I had a few people commented on my blog posts and learning project. I loved receiving supportive or insightful comments! I tried my best to reply to any questions that my classmates asked me throughout the semester. Here are just some of the comments made by classmates and myself.


Twitter was something, I was very wary of getting from the start. However, I was surprised when I was able to find amazing resources and have great conversations with my classmates. Here are just a few!

Conversation about Podcasts

Time Management Resources
Screen Light Tool
Introduction to Classmates

Translator Tool

A Really Cool Interaction!

This interaction was not between me and a classmate of EDTC 300. I posted about the Immersive Reader reader tool that is included with Microsoft Office 365. Only one person ended up liking it and it was Mike Tholfsen. He is a product manager for Microsoft and he has personally worked on Immersive reader. I thought was too cool not to share!


I was not able to participate in any more SaskEdChats than the one that was during our EDTC 300 class, as I busy most Thursday nights. I appreciated the opportunity to participate in one SaskEdChat. I am hoping with school now being over, I can be able to participate in more chats. I thought I would include some of my answers and interactions during the SaskEdChat.

A Friend in Need is a Friend Indeed

As I said above, I did not get to have conversations or meaningful interactions with all of my classmates, one classmate helped me tremendously throughout the entire semester. Abby Leonard was a great resource for me! We had every class together, so I could reach out anytime I needed any information about classes. We used each other continuously throughout the semester and helped one another as much as we could. She also ended up being a good person to rant to when I needed too! I am so happy that I had a friend like her, especially for online classes during this pandemic.

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