Contributing to the Learning of Others

Throughout this course, we have explored what it means to be connected to others digitally. This course presented the unique opportunity to stay active and involved with classmates digitally by interacting on our personal learning networks including Twitter and our educational Blogs.

The Google Slides presentation linked above includes how I was actively engaged with my fellow classmates throughout this course.

Reflecting on Twitter:

Prior to this course, I had never used Twitter. I was very unfamiliar with the platform and didn’t really understand its benefits. However, after using the platform to connect with peers, other educators, educational organizations, and the general public, I can see how useful this platform is! It is a great way to network with people. I found that using specific hashtags or tagging people worked very well to get in touch with people that share similar interests and goals. I also liked how easy it was to find resources and tools for teaching and learning.

Reflecting on Blogging:

I really enjoyed being able to connect with others through their blogs. Reading about different people’s learning projects and thoughts on different topics like Digital Literacy and Digital Citizenship was super interesting. Although this was a remote course, I found that I was much more connected to my classmates than in other classes I have taken, whether they were in person or online.

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