Going in Circles: Learning to Crochet in the Round

For the final week of my learning project, I headed to TikTok for some information about what I could create. I stumbled upon a video of someone crocheting in the round and I thought it was super interesting. 


How to Crochet- Working in the round using single crochet and continuous rows #crochet #beginner #handmade

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I found these videos to be quite helpful but I wanted to find a video that showed how to make one that was bigger with better step-by-step instructions.

I also came across an Instagram post about how to make a crochet circle which was sort of random but ended up being pretty helpful.

While I liked the TikTok video tutorials, I searched on YouTube since I have really enjoyed watching crochet tutorials there as they are more accessible, and they are super easy to pause and rewind when I need to.

I found a video tutorial by HopefulHoney that I really liked and watched from start to finish before trying it for myself. After watching it, I felt pretty confident that I could do it on my own. I saw in the caption that HopefulHoney had linked a post on their blog that included a pattern for crocheting in the round so I thought I would try following the pattern instead of the video. I had been working up to follow a pattern throughout this project but I didn’t feel confident enough will my skills just yet. However, since I was familiar with the stitches and it didn’t seem to be too complex, I went for it!

HopefulHoney’s crochet pattern from their blog

The instructions in the blog had options for using different stitches. I decided to use the double crochet since I am the most confident with that method and that was what she demonstrated in her video tutorial that I watched.

Overall, I found this pattern pretty easy to work with and it was very straightforward to follow, especially after watching the video tutorial and having a more general idea of what to expect when making my piece using the circle in the round method. I definitely don’t think I’m ready to create a piece by solely following a pattern, I think I am still at a point where I need some kind of visual, such as a video. However, I think this first attempt at working with a pattern was pretty successful. I definitely had some troubles at the end to finish the piece and made a few too many stitches in an additional row I didn’t need but I think with practice and being better at keeping track of my stitches this can be improved. One tip from the video that I should have followed was marking the first initial stitch with a safety pin, I will definitely be doing this in the future as I had a lot of trouble trying to figure out where I was at with my stitches.

My first time using the crochet in the round method

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  1. Your crochet project looks amazing! My nana taught me to crochet when I was eight and I would always end up with a lopsided project because I would lose my stitches.

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