Learning to Add a Little Sweetness to My Life

As I was looking through the assignments for my EDTC 300 class, I couldn’t help but get extremely excited for the #LearningProject! There are so many different things that I would like to learn, but I feel as though I never have the time to do it. So, my brain immediately started racing with different ideas. Some of these ideas included learning: American Sign Language, playing the flute, and knitting. BUT, I ended up landing on Cake Decorating! My inspiration for this actually came from my amazing mom who is an extremely talented baker (and cake decorator). I have fallen in love with baking over the past year, but I have mainly focused on cookies, muffins, and sometimes cupcakes. I think I’m a little nervous to try decorating cakes as I can be quite the perfectionist. When looking at an inspiration photo, I feel as though I have to replicate it directly or it isn’t good enough. This means, I am starting from a pretty beginner standpoint. 

With this project, I knew that I needed to pick up some supplies in order to start learning how to decorate! I found this blog that explained the essential tools I will need to make my future master pieces. Due to pure excitement I made up a quick list and then headed directly to Michaels and Walmart to pick up all the supplies I need for this adventure. I also made up a Pinterest board as a way to collect some ideas and inspiration for my future creations.

A few of the inspiration pictures I’ve found on Pinterest so far!

Now that I have all the supplies I need, I went on a cyber search to see what types of “How To” videos and sites that I could use to help me out! To start, I actually found another blog that had a few different youtube videos to follow to help with this learning process. I also found an app called “Bake Club” which has a few delicious sounding recipes to use for my actual cakes. I’m pretty sure that a good place to start will be learning how to pipe different types of icing onto a cake! The Youtube channel Cakes by MK seems to have a pretty good tutorial for me to start out. If you’re wanting to learn some cake decorating tips, I have included the video below!

I’m sure that along the way I will come across a bunch of new Youtube channels, Tiktok videos, and blogs that will help me out on this adventure. As the weeks progress, I hope to accomplish decorating some absolutely gorgeous cakes (but who knows! I might actually end up being REALLY bad at it). I will start off with some of the “simple” or “beginner” skills that I will need to create some sweet looking cakes. I hope you’re excited to see how this journey goes for me and if you are really craving a cake in the next few weeks, let me know! With the amount of cakes I will be baking and decorating, I’m sure I can spare a few.


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