Professional Field Experience

At the beginning of my time in the grade 4-5 room I came in with an open mind to learn. My personal goal was to learn from the teacher as well as the students. I enjoyed the process and the development of relationships made. For me the biggest learning curve was adapting the lesson plans to insure inclusion for all learning levels. This is something I want to really work on for my three week placement in march.

Reflection 1- When arriving for the first time in the classroom I was excited to meet the teacher and the students. I began the class with my introduction to get to know the students, they seemed to really enjoy the activity. I closed the activity with a fact or fiction activity to get to know me which the students enjoyed doing as well they we had some laughs.

Reflection 2- The second day I came into the class I brought a football to play with the class has 18 boys and 4 girls. I told the girls I would play whatever sport or recess game next day as they didn’t want to participate with football. The students that participated had a great time playing as did I. To me it is essential to form relationship before any teaching can begin.

Reflection 3- One of the school days I was there the grade 5 class had a field trip for world child’s day. The students were fortunate to receive some good insights on what it would be like to have certain disabilities. Learning about inclusion, gender diversity, what to do in emergency situations, crafts, sensory activities. The students enjoyed a day out of the classroom and I enjoyed spending my time with the students engaging with them.