Truth and Reconciliation

Truth and Reconciliation is a very important topic to me as I feel as though I was kept in a bubble throughout my childhood about what really is a part of my history.  I feel as though my parent’s generation were also kept unaware of what the truth of our history and the impact it had and still has today.  Now that the truth of what happened in our Canadian history has come out there has been a deeper understanding of the deep hurt and oppression that the First Nations Peoples have faced.  The trauma runs very deep on our Canadian soil and we cannot undo what has unfortunate happed. The one thing we can do is the insure it never happens again.  I feel what sticks out to me as an individual is the trauma that was put upon a culture that my family never had to face.  There is a guilt that lies beneath the surface that feels sick about the truth of the past.  This part of my Canadian history makes me feel very disappointed.  I believe that we can not ignore the trauma instead we need commit to having a better understanding and believe that we can do our best to be a positive change in the world.  As a future teacher I will be sure to teach Truth and Reconciliation and the truth of our Canadian history by the Treaty teachings.  It begins with respect and relationships.