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Impacts of Online Learning

It is crucial that when discussing online learning that we differentiate between emergency learning and online learning. Unfortunately, I do believe many of us are seeing online learning a negative experience as a result of pandemic learning that we experienced and continue to experience as a result of the peak of the pandemic.

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Change is a challenge. The dramatic change to emergency learning was a significant challenge for all. It certainly showed educators and parents that face to face learning has it benefits for the majority of our students. The points addressed by the agree side I believe were in a reaction to Pandemic Emergency Learning and didn’t truly reflect the concept of traditional online learning that already exists in our education systems. Regardless, it is still important to reflect on the experience so that can make well informed decisions in the future.

  • In class learning allows a community to be built where teachers, learning resource workers, administration, psychologists and guidance counsellors all work together to support the children in our rooms.
  • Students are more easily monitored in regards to their daily academic struggles and social interactions with peers.
  • In a classroom teachers are in the space to support the structure of learning and parents aren’t needed to facilitate their child’s education.
  • Online education looks very different for many subjects and grade levels which dramatically changes the learning experience. For example many of our primary curriculums are written based on play and social interactions with others. By not developing social skills during the young years we are putting our students at a disadvantage by not developing resilience skills. It also becomes very difficult to provide hands on experiences in science and in many of our PAA classes like construction and welding.
  • So many students thrive when opportunities are provides away from the the desk. Online learning is not a one sized fits all concept and should be used when valuable to the needs of child.
Big Time Stress – Students Express the Difficulties of Online Learning during the Pandemic

We certainly know that online learning is not suitable for all and doesn’t adequately provide a proper education for those that are at a disadvantage whether if be financially, physical or mentally. I journal article that I reviewed from the agree side indicated a study had been completed of over 1600 college students that were enrolled in online learning. The study showed that in those with psychiatric disabilities found online learning to be incredibly challenging because of time management, difficulty concentrating, and challenges with navigating the course at a higher rate than those without disabilities. Giving choice allows students to find their own avenue to success.

If the debate was centered around traditional online learning I would certainly be on the disagree side of this debate – online learning is not detrimental to students education rather it can be a great supplement to in school based learning or the sole avenue for their education.

The disagree side made several key points in there opening video regards to traditional online learning for us to considered when formulating our opinion around online education. The following are some of the key points that I agree with as to why online education in the traditional format is not detrimental to learning.

  • when teachers have time to prepare online learning comes with many benefits
  • online learning is flexible – set a learning pace that fits the student
  • creates critical time management skills that can be useful in life later
  • more autonomy for the student choice on how and when they learn
  • time saver and accessible anywhere
  • allows more timey feedback from teachers on class work and progress of the students learning
  • students with mental health and anxiety disorders feel better in their own homes
  • students that excel in the arts or athletics and still participate in learning that fits their training schedules

I do full heartedly believe that education can’t be a one size fits all approach. We need to be flexible and provide choice. If I wasn’t provided the opportunity to continue my studies via the online school platform I would have never started my masters at this stage in my life. Choice provides opportunity – Which door would you choose for yourself ?

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  1. Christopher Kampman

    Hi Leona,

    This was an excellent summary of the debate! It really resonated with me when you said that “education isn’t a one size fits all approach”. There really are few things that we as educators do these days that are the same for each of our students whether in the same class, grade, school, or school division. What works for one classroom, teacher, or learner may not work for others – I think that reminder is very important.

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