Minor Thoughts on a Major Project

Which door to choose? 1, 2 or 3? “Student-designed project” is a bit of a mystery box, and who can resist the allure of a mystery?


Getting this train going down the track has been a bit of a battle. I have stated it before, but I think that it is worth noting here, I am not afraid of technology and its application in education. I am more of a wait-until-I-have-to-use-it individual, and then I will jump in and make it work for me or the purpose that I would like it to serve.

The curriculum-supported digital citizenship/literacy resource did garner some attention. I teach Grades 7 and 8, an age where the concepts of digital citizenship and media literacy are not at the forefront of many decisions, despite the fact that their world is heavily influenced by readily available technology. However, I am not sure that I have a good grasp on what their digital world consists of. I have a Twitter account that was established pre-EC&I 832 that I use to keep tabs on the world around me, using a critical lens when scrolling. I have an Instagram account that I use to see what pictures my wife has taken of our children. That is it. This thought process has led me to Option 2 – a personal journey into media.

Internet Grandma meme

Making the connection between educational uses of technology and the world of social media, and to do so in a meaningful way is something that I am aware of. Fluent? Nope. I do see plenty of it with some of my follows on Twitter though. I see individuals like Jen Giffen, Alice Keeler, and Eric Curts sharing their techno prowess and I cannot help but to be a little envious with how they have turned their passion into something so useful, and then to share it with the Twitterverse!

My project should then pull me out of my comfort zone, and the 20th century, and expose me to how apps and social media can be a tool of use to me. I am excited to see how this could apply to the classroom this winter, and in the future. Or not. I know that I am capable climbing this mountain, but if there is a digital Sherpa out there, I certainly would not shy away from working with a peer.

6 thoughts on “Minor Thoughts on a Major Project

  1. Bart, I’d love to work with you! The part I’m missing from my media journey is connecting with students. Since I’m a learning consultant for your school we could plan how to integrate an Ed tech resource into your curriculum and learner goals! I like that you specify you aren’t using technology for technology’s sake, but you are making sure it will work for you. It is easy to try out everything but not apply it, and I think it’s more valuable to deeply investigate technology and its application for students.

    1. Sounds like a good match Leah! I appreciate you taking a risk to work with me and I look forward to learning from you throughout this process!

  2. I am excited to see where this journey takes you! Your writing style is warm and engaging with a witty side of humor. Already, your sharing has shown me a new tool to check out, make a meme!

    1. Thanks Patricia! Hopefully there is some fun mixed in with the work. I am eager to see the dynamic with Leah, myself, the students and the technology.

  3. It sounds like you have done some serious pondering about what option you’d like to choose. I am really looking forward to what you come up with and all the learning that takes place. I may have to take a few tips or tricks from what you learn, and use it in my Grade 6 classroom. Thanks for sharing your ideas!

    1. Much appreciated Kelly. I think that working with Leah will give a nice balance via her different perspective. Her experience with teaching online will no doubt be a great benefit to what we try to implement in the classroom!

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