Social Media & Childhood

Well this was one of the earliest debates that I have enjoyed. This debate was presented by Valeska & Bart vs. Brenton & Brittney. Both the teams did great job representing their points.

If you look around you will see kids either watching something on the phone or playing with it or making videos. A huge number of kids are busy making TikTok’s, Instagram and God knows what… But that does not mean social media is ruining their childhood. I would say some of the kids have become more socially aware about their rights, society and environment.

Yes, I have noticed in my own relatives how the younger kids would just stare at the phone rather talking to others in a family dinner or any outing. Specially after the pandemic.

This is getting quite difficult to actually separate kids from the internet or social media. I am not saying social media has no positive, it definitely does just as any other things. But I must say social media is very influential and kids have tendency this days to posts everything then and there without thinking!


One thought on “Social Media & Childhood

  1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on the debate about social media and childhood. It’s true that social media has become a huge part of kids’ lives and while there are certainly risks associated with this, there are also positive aspects to consider. It’s great to hear that some kids have become more socially aware as a result of using social media, but it’s also important to be mindful of how social media can influence behavior and encourage kids to post without thinking. As with anything, balance is key, and it’s important to find ways to make social media a positive part of kids’ lives without letting it take over completely.

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