Technology and Equitable Society

Well this was another debate which I have thoroughly  enjoyed, both the teams Kennedy & Ummey Vs Jeff Graeme did amazing job in representing their points.


Equitable society, equity in all level seems quite farfetched to me to be honest. In my country I would say its a myth. In first world countries like Canada it is still possible and sort of already in the process of happening.

Well here I would like to mention the failure of ‘One laptop per child’. Just giving away devices wont make the children equal in all sense right? Technology comes with double edge sword. When we think about technology we also need to think about not just the device but the internet connection, the proper knowledge of how to use that. Sometimes it is not possible by the school authority to provide them all. But I would say it is a good initiative and at least the authority is trying to make a difference.

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