Summary of the course

Well this was my first semester and EC&I 830 is my second course, I have thoroughly enjoyed all the classes. To be honest I was quite overwhelmed too as a lot of discussion regarding AI and other technologies was completely new to me, I could see my other classmates were way above than me on this, but I tried my best you know. To cope up, to share my thoughts.

I have learned a lot about new educational technologies, and the debate part was just outstanding, I was lucky enough to be paired up with Jessica who made this course more enjoyable and fun.

Here I am sharing the link of our summary video, please have a look.


Thank you and Good bye!

2 thoughts on “Summary of the course

  1. The whole video is fantastic, and it came up with the technologies and put in all the ideas. Especially how you depicted the whole AI and other ways of functional modern inventions that help education.

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