Technology in the Classroom

We are living in such time period where we cannot live without technology. So Why our classrooms will be without it huh! Right?

Trust me, if it was before 2020 and the pandemic, I would say no no I do not want much technology in my classroom, I am happy with books and my activities. But if it was not for technologies than how the last two years would have gone? Thank God for the technology, the internet, the dedication and patience of both teachers and students we were able to continue teaching and learning during the pandemic.

Even this course we are doing, without technology we wont have done it right? We all know technology is our present and past that is why we are doing this course!

in the classroom the more we introduce technology and show our kids the positive ways of using it I believe that would be good for our future generation too! The next generation is already advance and way ahead of us in using technology, at their wage we did not even have mobile or internet and now they are a pro!

So it is good to welcome and get accustomed the new technologies in the classroom!

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