This week I tried out an app called Life Lapse (available on iPhone and android) and used it to show my progress in my learning project. The app basically is a stop motion app, you take a series of pictures that make it look like you took a video. I tried out a few different apps before settling on this one, the reason I picked this one is that it has a “ghosting” feature that puts the last picture faded on your screen so you can see the difference between the last picture and the one you are trying to take. This feature was helpful to make your final video smooth. One thing I didn’t like was that it did not offer a tool to add text or any drawing tools, but other apps had the feature, but you had to pay for it. The other thing that I did not like was to get the pro version you had to get a subscription, and it is pretty expensive ($10.49/month). Overall it was pretty user friendly and self-explanatory.

Now for my learning project.

I tried to find videos from different channels that I haven’t used yet. The first video that I found was from Silvie Mahdal called “How to Draw Lips & Mouth in 10 MINUTES – EASY Tutorial for BEGINNERS.” This video did not use very many guidelines, and it was hard for me to make the lips consistent and proportional. Therefore, I found a second video from Ebru Art Channel called “How to draw a lips – Drawing technique,” this video only went over the basic shape but it used a box with a horizontal and vertical line and three circles. I found that I didn’t need the circles, but the lines and the box were helpful. I used the shading technique from the first video and used a q-tip for blending.