As a part of Edtc400 I taught a joint lesson with another student. This lesson was on digital rights and responsibilities and digital access. I had a few concerns and a few things I was pleasantly surprised by. I am happy with the overall experience of teaching and it was my first time facilitating a lesson.

One of the main things that was a concern to me when I was working on the lesson was the amount of time that it took to put it together. The main reason why I was concerned by this was that I knew when I was doing the assignment that it was taking longer than I would really have to prepare a lesson if I was teaching in a school. In other words, I probably would not have time to plan this lesson without revising it. Another thing that was a concern was how many things were going on at one time. When we were actually presenting the lesson, we used mentimeter and another document for a small group activity as well as the slide set. I found it difficult to manage all the things that were going on. I think in the future I will try to put everything in one place, so I don’t have to jump around too much.

I was pleasantly surprised about how easy mentemeter and google forms were to use. I heard mixed reviews about mentimeter, and some people had issues with it, so I was nervous to use it however, it was very simple and worked like a charm. Google forms was super quick and easy to use, and I can definitely see myself using it again in the future. As for the actual teaching, I tried not to directly teach too much and focused on group work instead. For the group work I gave a video and discussion questions for the groups to complete, from the feedback I got, this seemed to go over well and seemed to work well, I wish I could have given more time to work on it in class and have more of a discussion at the end. Overall, I am happy with the way the lesson turned out.