At the beginning of this class, we were given a few mentees to mentor throughout the semester. At first when I found out about this, I was super excited and really wanted to do it, I ended up reaching out to each one and only getting very few responses. This left me in a kind of bad spot because I didn’t really want to harass them, but I wanted to help in any way I could. I found it difficult because I often found myself not knowing what to do, do I continue to try to communicate with them in hopes to get a response? I couldn’t force them to need help, so I didn’t really know what to do about that.

I was really grateful to the few people who did respond because it felt rewarding to be able to help in small ways. I do feel like this was more difficult in an online class and it probably would have been easier to do if it was in person. One thing that this made me realize is the importance of making a connection to your students, in this case I had never met most of the people that I was mentoring so I think that if I had met them before it would have made it easier to communicate with them. In this case I was going in blind, I knew nothing about them besides the fact that they were in edtc 300. If I was teaching them, I probably would have tried harder to make a connection so there could be more communication.