This week we debated if teachers have the responsibility to share lesson plans and resources for free. On the pro side there was this article that talked about some of the benefits of open educational resources, the one point that was talked a lot about in class was that OERs provide a lot more access to learning for students and teachers. On the other hand, in this article the author talks about how it can be beneficial for teachers to sell their materials online. I personally feel that teachers should be able to choose if they want to sell their lesson plans or not, I don’t think that it should be teacher’s responsibility to share their work online for money or for free.

One of the things that we talked a lot about in class and one of the articles talked about it as well, was teachers’ pay teachers. On one side it’s better for the teachers to get paid rather than the government. However, I am still not convinced that it is the best way to go, I feel like this encourages the government to not have to pay teachers as much. For me personally, I don’t feel right charging other teachers for lesson plans, I want to educate and help people and therefore don’t want to charge other teachers. I am not saying that any teacher that wants to charge for resources and lesson plans is a bad teacher I am just saying that it is not the right thing for me. Also, I think that teachers should have access to good free resources, I know a lot of teachers that don’t have extra money to use paid subscriptions or lesson plans, and for those teacher’s free lesson plans and resources are a life saver.