What is Education Technology?

The technology used to support and provide access to education is under the category of education technology. This can include any equipment, programs, or other materials that teachers and students utilize to facilitate learning. In the classroom or outside of it, these technologies support students in attending their lessons, collaborating, connecting with distant learners, or picking up new skills. With the use of educational technology, teachers can develop digital, interactive textbooks, gamify their lectures, take attendance, give homework, administer quizzes and assessments, and receive immediate feedback on their lesson plans, styles of instruction, and structure. By enabling teachers and students to learn in a setting that makes use of now-common technologies like smartphones, computers, and tablets, educational technology is disrupting traditional education and teaching techniques. The technical world has seen a significant change in recent years. Teachers must employ the most up-to-date tools available in their job to engage students as more people become involved in digital media. Innovative teaching methods and the introduction of fresh concepts are necessary to get students interested in what they are learning. Due to its significance in the modern educational landscape, the use of educational technology by teachers has become mandatory.

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Advantages of technology in education

  • It Provides a Wider Selection Of Materials That Are Simple To Access.
  • It offers students an enjoyable and interesting learning experience.
  • It enhances students’ academic performance and communication skills
  • It enables students to use the Internet whenever they want, from wherever.
  • It Helps Students in Staying Current with New Technological Advances
  • It enables students to advance both mentally and physically
  • It Assists Students in Learning New Skills and Knowledge

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Technology is not only entertaining and time-saving; it also has some severe side effects that must be controlled and taken care of since they put the health and personality of both students and teachers in danger. According to the postman article, Five things we need to know about technological change, technology is both a giver and a taker. In other words, there is always a drawback to going along with every benefit that new technology delivers. There are some disadvantages of using technology in the classroom.

  • Some students may become disengaged from the classroom when using technology.
  • Some children might not be able to distinguish between trustworthy and unreliable sources.
  • In some schools, some technologies can take the position of the teacher.
  • There are privacy issues with technology in the classroom to take into account.
  • Technology access is frequently restricted in schools.

However, the use of technology in the classroom helps in improving teachers. Students are more engaged in the process when they witness their teacher attempting novel techniques. Students gain from it as well since they have more options and chances to explore and share information than they would in a regular classroom. Technology is a useful and adaptable instrument for education and learning as well as for everyday living. The most crucial factor is that educators must be ready to use these tools well. Schools can use technology well, and it is imperative that they do so for the benefit of the children, instructors, and wider society.

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  1. Hi Shivali,
    Indeed the current scenario demands the use of technology in classrooms and it has its benefits as well. The pandemic has taught us the importance of Ed Tech and how it can convert our classroom into an interactive/engaging/creative one.
    I agree with your statement that the most crucial factor is that educators must be ready to use these tools. Being a teacher, I find it exhausting to be updated with the new tools that are coming daily. For me, lack of time is the reason… I am not able to find time to explore the new tools that are required to be used.
    Anyways, I enjoyed reading your post.
    Thank you.

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