This video represents my second lesson plan. In my course profile, I’ve talked about symmetrical shapes and lines of symmetry of 2-D shapes. I utilized Google Classroom and included worksheets, Kahoot activities, and videos from YouTube. I use a variety of teaching techniques, interactive digital tools, and opportunities for textual and visual learning in all of my classes. For example, I introduced a jam board and Kahoot exercises in my course which help them to assess the students. Each module had a formative or summative evaluation technique and uses specified criteria. I’ll be interacting with the students using Zoom Meeting, and I’ve also given a link to Google Meet. It will be helpful for me to provide feedback to the students. Moreover if they have any problems they can discuss and organize a meeting with me on zoom and google meet. Students will view a video that I made about symmetrical shapes first after that they will apply their knowledge of what they have learned from the video and apply it to a Jamboard activity. After that, They can work on the accompanying worksheet to test their understanding when I believe they have a solid understanding of the material. I hope the lesson plan will be interesting for them because I relate my lesson plan with real-life objects for a better understanding of students.

I sincerely hope you enjoy the video, and if you have any comments or suggestions, please let me know.