This was a wonderful course, and I can’t believe how quickly the semester passed. I’m ending it up with this video. I was able to reflect on my growth and learning during my Master of Education program at the University of Regina because the preparation and creation of this particular summary of learning allowed me to do so. Teaching and learning practices are continually changing to fit the expectations, learning styles, and interests of students. Technology has been at the core of the most recent innovations, altering the traditional classroom. This has resulted in the emergence of blended learning. In this course, I discussed some tools, advice, and larger topics like digital equity in online and blended learning in my summary of learning. I entered this course with the expectation that I would be able to improve on my past knowledge of the google classroom LMS and discover new methods to step outside of my comfort box. My perspective on blended learning settings has undergone a significant change. I have gained a lot of knowledge about blended learning, course tools, learning management systems, and the potential future of education with blended learning at the forefront. I want to thank you all for your help and the information I have gained from each of you.