Baking is an outlet for self-expression and stress relief, much like any creative activity. A recipe is only a recipe until a baker makes it and adds a little of their love, passion, and creativity to it. When words don’t seem enough to express something, baking can even be used as a form of communication. It can be used to express gratitude, affection, appreciation, and even sympathy. I wasn’t interested in cooking or baking when I lived in India. however now that I live alone in Canada, my interest in baking and cooking has grown. I have to prepare food on my own without my mother’s assistance. The fact that most cookies and cakes in Canada contain eggs, but I’m a vegetarian so I want to make eggless cookies, is one of the key reasons why my interest in baking has increased recently. After my initial cake effort, I was really disappointed, I made cupcakes last week but it was not looking good I have been putting in a lot of practice from last week. I now bake cakes and cupcakes in a proper way as compared to the first attempt.  According to my perspective, baking reduces stress.Sour Cream Chocolate Cupcakes

Making treats for other people gives one a sense of pride and success. Everybody has been in a situation where they want to escape life’s daily stresses. My recommendation? Enter the kitchen, then begin baking. Warm chocolate cookies are always a welcome treat, and they will give you something fresh to keep your mind active. Procrastinating, which is the practice of baking to put off other difficult tasks or obligations, is another name for this.

I am aware that making cookies like this requires a lot of work based on my prior baking experiences. They won’t be straightforward to learn, and it will require time and effort on my part to achieve this level of proficiency. After some study, I came across a number of methods that I can use every week. Depending on my life, I try a different cookie-making method or style every week. I’m eager to start this trip!