Tuesday Night Fights – Social Media Edition!

The social media boxing match! We are set for 3 rounds of action-packed action!


In the red corner… Valeska and Bart, the believers that social media is ruining childhood!

In the blue corner …  Brendon and Brittany, the believers that social media is not ruining childhood.  

We have to assume that this will be a tight bout, with the expectations that both parties will be throwing haymakers to try and knock their opponents off-balance early. We will see who blocks more punches and can, in fact, come out on top!

Round 1:

The first round bell sounds and Valeska and Bart come out swinging. They please the audience with fists of fury and damage Brittany and Brendon early with arguments of why social media may be ruining children’s early years of their lives.

They make mention to the negative impacts of social media on child mental and phsyical health, paying close attention to anxiety, depression, and suicide. This was mentioned in the article by Evie as well, “In the U.S., the suicide rate has risen 34% for teenage boys and 82% for teenage girls” (Evie, 2021).

Bart and Valeska continue their torrid start with arguments supporting their claims. These include the lack of social skills that children attain when fixated on social media rather than human connection. ALong with this, children and young adults find it difficult to reality and fake news or, to an even more unfortunate extent, the possibility of communicating with fake, manipulative people looking to seek personal gain at the expense of these young victims.

Brittany and Brendon are on the ropes early, but are saved by the bell! Ding ding ding!


Round 2:

A rejuvenated B and B come out swinging with arguments that social media does not, in fact, ruin childhood. They make reference to a few important themes.

  1. Although social media can have negative connotations, we need to teach children how to use it for positive purposes. When this occurs, it is far from harmful. In fact, it is very powerful in positive ways.
  2. They continue to land jabs on their opponents by enlightening the audience with the facts that mental health awareness is much more normalized in today’s day and age, and cannot be automatically associated with social media. Children in previous generations suffered from anxiety and depression, but it is quite possible that the data is not available to compare to the current generations that are more fixated on social media.

The match is even after 2 rounds. We will see who can recover quick and take the lead!

Round 3:
The next round was quite a defensive one… As the groups discussed the issues at hand, it gave the audience opportunities to reflect on their own experiences as children and adults, to compare whether or not our own childhoods would have better or worse with social media.

There were great comments on both sides. It seemed as though more of the class argued in favour of Valeska and Bart, but there was not a clear winner by any means.

The match seemed to be moving in slow motion near the end of the final bell. Both teams were landing effective shots, yet neither could be knocked down. The four awesome debaters stayed on their feet until the end, and left it to the judges to make the final decision.


Judge’s decision:

What an excellent match from both competitors! It is going to be super close! Great arguments on both sides of the fight… 

Let’s go to the ring announcer…

Aaaaaand the winner, by split decision… goes to Valeska and Bart! Social Media is ruuuuuuining childhoooooood!

The judges have decided the negatives associated with social media, including increased anxiety, depression, the challenges of child luring and imposters online have led to the decision by the judges to choose Valeska and Bart as the winners of this match!

2 thoughts on “Tuesday Night Fights – Social Media Edition!”

  1. Michael,

    I have to start by saying this was such a fun & engaging way to write your blog post. It instantly grabbed my attention & it made me want to continue reading round after round. Well done! I also like that you shared who you felt “won” at the end. I was worried you were going to leave us with everyone being a winner and I was eager to know your thoughts haha. I also agree that Valeska & Bart won that much. Not due to lack of efforts from the other side, mostly just due to my strong opinion on the topic. Looking forward to your next blog post already!


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