The Bin Yard

The Bin Yard is a place in which it can look the exact same and seem to never change from afar, but once you look at it closer and pay attention to the details of it all, it soon becomes unrecognizable. When you look at it from a distance you see circular, grey metal objects with hints of red standing 50 feet tall all placed neatly in a line side by side. There shapes carrying a ripple effect in the middle with two smoothed cone shaped ends finishing them off on each end. Parked in front of them sits a green John Deere tractor, polished ever so nicely, sparkling in the sun with its bright yellow tires. Behind the green tractor sits a bright red and yellow auger with one end attached to the bottom of the tractor and the other in the top of the bin. It sits there running and putting the canola seed into the top of the bin which is being dumped by the white and grey grain truck that just got back from the field. The dusty truck sits there with its box at a 45-degree angle beside the bin and tractors as they all work to complete one task.

Behind and around the main focus of the picture we see more of natures aspects of things. The ground is covered with rocks and sand that is engraved with tire marks going in various directions. Beside the edge of gravel yard path is a little rectangular shaped piece of lush green grass that goes along side another row of bins. Surrounding the bins as if they are barricading them in are tall evergreen trees and bushes that act as a shield from the wind. Above it all is bright blue skies with white fluffy tops and dark shadowed bottoms. Each cloud carries its own shape making them all look so different. All of the different components and looking at the bin yard from different points of view, comes together to form our detailed bin yard that looked so simple to me

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