The Romanow Chair

Infront of me sits a half of a chair that is completely dead and rotten that has various shades of grey in it and was made from a large tree. It is about four feet in height and about a foot and a half in width. It used to be free standing but now rests along a cut down tree as the part where you used to sit on is now broken off making it just a half slab of a log. Where the sitting part used to be is now a pattern of tiny little squares as it is all cracked and orange in colour. Underneath and around the bottom of it sits the broken off, cracked pieces mixed with the fallen leaves of the other trees.

Carved into the back of the seat is an ‘R’ that is in the middle but sits closer to the top of it which makes it a little off centered. The carving sits only about an inch deep into the back of it and has the original shallow groves from the tree around it. Looking at it from afar though makes it seem like it is as flat and smooth as a piece of paper. At the very top of the chair sits one lonely antler that it leans back, only holding on by one rusty screw. It has broken points and is a small three-point spiker. The one point is chipped off and is only about a half an inch thick. It looks like the birds have been picking at it, making it seem like it could break off at any time.

Although the chair itself is dead, the one behind it continues to grow at the little bush at the bottom of it is starting to grow around it, soon making the chair apart of that tree. Its bright fall colours of yellow and green continue to add life to the chair and will continue to do so for many years to come.

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