The Target

For this week’s blog post I decided to photograph and write about my brothers target that he uses for bow hunting. After just moving home, it was something I had not noticed until I was walking around our yard. It caught my attention right away.

The homemade target consists of two square bales stacked one on top of the other. There twines holding them together as the hay sticks out every which way. Both have lost their green colour and now sit there dried and brown in colour. Tucked beneath the twines sits a large, white piece of paper that is ripped on the bottom. Sitting in the middle of that blue piece of paper is messily drawn circles by my ten-year old brother, one inside the other in blue marker. In the middle of the seven circles, is the blue bullseye circle that is completely filled in.

Among the whole piece of white paper is multiple holes in it, all varying in different shapes and sizes. Some are larger than the others like the one on the top right corner compared to the one on the top left corner. The paper is also not flat against the bales as it moves every time, he pulls his arrow out. Right above the rip at the bottom, it has a large bulge in it and hangs over the fourth twine on the bale. One of the things I did not notice until looking at the photos I took is the bone arrow that sits stuck in the top right corner on the bale. The shaft of the arrow is black in colour and the fletching of it is blue and white. It all just sits in the very back part of our yard every summer and gets moved before the first snow fall.

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