Our Tree Fort

As the leaves start to turn colour and fall off of the trees, there is one thing that starts to become more noticeable in our yard, our tree fort. This tree fort has stood tall and strong in our backyard for about five years now and will go on to stand there for many years to come.

Our tree house stands about 20 feet high and 10 feet in width. It is lodged between two poplar trees and has additional support from 6 pieces of wood, one in each corner and two in the middle. Looking underneath of the fort is nothing but ground and the 6 pieces of wood as well as a staircase. The staircase consists of 9 steps and no hand railing and is on the north, left hand side when looking at it from the south. When standing on the ground and looking up, you notice a roof that only covers the right half of the fort which you would walk into when you come in on the stairs. There is a railing all around the base of the fort with slabs of wood on the bottom half which creates a half wall effect. On the ground you will also notice how the trees shelter the fort and all of the scrap would in the background, tucked in will all of the grass.

When you walk up the stairs and look at the fort from up there, you will notice the flooring made out of sheets of plywood. The tree house is the shape of a wide oval but is missing a quarter of it due to the stairs. The railing facing the east is missing the half slabs of wood so stays open. In that corner of the fort lays a white rope and a shed, toys and sand box pops through in the background with little pops of colour poking through the trees. When looking at this second picture, you will notice a little corner of my chair in the bottom left and well as the corner of our wood chair in the bottom right. When sitting at that table and chair and looking to the south, you notice a hole in the trees that looks out towards the open field and a bush almost as if it is a window.

Looking at the overall colours of our tree fort, you see very dark and dull colours which give off more of a rustic effect. The greys, browns, and the odd board that must have neem hidden from the elements as it has yet to change colour, change year after year. The trees and tree fort aging together except the trees come back bigger and brighter, but the tree fort gets darker. The dark in the tree fort continues to bring great beauty to our yard and sticks out against the bright pops of colour from fall as well as against the bright colour of white in the winter.

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