Looking Through My Bedroom Window

For this weeks blog post, I decided to add a different twist onto what I am going to observe and write about. I brought things inside and am going to describe what I see looking out of my bedroom window everyday.

Looking straight out my bedroom window, you notice the white, dusty blinds open. Some of them straight and thin, some of them pointed downwards and some upwards, each leaving a shadow on the ones below. Holding up the blinds are three skinny pieces of white string, one in the middle and two, three inches in from the edges of the blinds. On the left side hang the one string with two peanut shapes ends with a knot right about them about half way down the window . On the right hangs another string with two more peanut shape ends with the knot at the top of the blinds and hanging a quarter way down the window. In the middle of the window sitting horizontally is the break of the sliding window which is currently closed from the breeze. On top sits two locks for the window about 4 inches from the outside of the window leaving roughly five inches between the two of them. The locks themselves looking like as if a person is holding the plank position in white. On the top, left hand of the window you seen a half torn off window sticker, faded in colour. On the bottom top left corner of the window, you see a little strip of tinfoil hanging on. Surrounding the window is a thick, one inch white border going all around the window.

Looking beyond the window, straight out from the window, you see outside. In the middle of the window to the right you see a white, tinned, playhouse with a door and two stickers. You see grass on the lower half of the window and a dark, dull field from the break of the window to about the middle of the top half. Above the field you see two sets of evergreen trees and bush that almost looks like two hills. To top it all off, you see the bright blue sky with white, cotton ball looking clouds floating in the air.

If you go to the left side of the window and look out towards the right, you see two tall poplar trees that still have some leaves on its branches. You see the in the middle of the window to the left the whole white playhouse and if you look to the right, you see a little bit of the tree house in our backyard which I wrote about in one of my previous blog posts. In the bottom left of the window you see a dark rectangle shape which is a little roof over our AC as well as the grass.

When moving to the right of my window and looking out left, you see more of that pretty blue sky as well as a little bit of the left group of trees that now looks more like trees and not hills. On the left middle of the window, you see one single tree with no leaves as well as the grass and field underneath and behind it.

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